Cosine Dot Product

\[\begin{split}\vec A . \vec B = AB \cos \theta \\ \cos \theta = \frac{\vec A . \vec B}{A.B}\end{split}\]

Words are classified as vectors in this case. Similar words are given similar but unique vector quantity, such that only equal phrases can have the common cosine dot product. This vector model was downloaded from the universal nltk.wordnet is a collection of word and their classification

This complex collection of details helped to club similar nouns and verbs together and provide customised answers, reduce training data and increasing program logic. Therefore, each data was not to be separately forced to the sugaroid bot to understand and learn but also learn the phrases of message input by itself and store it in the SQL Database for future reference

Cosine Dot product can be accessed within sugaroid by sugaroid.brain.postprocessors.cosine_similarity